I’m so happy you’ve found me. It’s no coincidence that you’ve been led here. Every one of us has or will have lost a loved one during our lives here on earth. Every one of us will go through hardships and crossroads in which we  may feel the need for spiritual guidance. Maybe you are here to learn more about who you really are, your purpose on earth and how to connect with spirit. Whatever it may be, it is for a reason. 

As a young child, I endured much emotional loss and trauma. I lost my little sister to an accident. While trying to grieve at such a young age, I witnessed the effects of this loss on my family, particularly my parents. My compassionate heart formed. My yearning to help others in times of need has blended beautifully with connecting to our loved ones on the other side. 

Through the years I have always felt connected to the Angels and God. As a child I collected Angels, read about Angels and had a closeness I couldn't explain at the time. I've always been what some would call "sensitive". I never knew how to navigate this sensitivity. I joined a "Save the Earth Club" as a child. I've always wanted to make a difference on this earth. I came here to do that. After a series of spiritual meetings, soul meetings and universal messages, I awoke to my divine nature and gifts where I discovered I could hear, know, see and feel spirit. 

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As a psychic medium, intuitive and spiritual coach, it is a divine blessing in my life to speak to your loved ones and spiritual team on the other side. They are always waiting to connect and share messages of love and healing to assist you in moving forward with your life. 

You have purpose. You are purpose. You are a spark of the divine, pure light, part of the whole of creation. You are never alone. You are connected to God, the loving source that created you and everything around you. You are connected to everyone around you. Earth has purpose. We come here to learn, to expand our knowledge of love. To become it, to transcend it.

Thank you for being open to healing.

All my love to you on your journey.