Doubt Always Keeps You Small

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Doubt Always Keeps You Small

You become interested in a course, class, speaker, business. You feel the pull to experience something within you.  You look further into the pull and as you lean into your excitement, fear and doubt creep in. The wounded, small self has its way. You hear: "I'm not ready," "I'm not good enough for that," "What if I fail," "I can't afford this." All these impressions that are stored within you are triggered again. You see others take leaps into new spaces but something is holding you back. 

As cyclical beings, we conform and continue where we feel safe. What we know. We hold ourselves back in fear of all the past projections we took on from our surroundings. But what if none of it were true?

As souls having a human experience, we choose every single moment to stay small or expand. 

When we choose expansion and trust in the pull we feel towards it, we win. We align. There is something drawing you into those experiences. There is growth in what is new and uncomfortable. But you are afraid. You doubt your intuition and have been taught to ignore it.

I know you. I feel you. I, too, experience this from time to time. But there were moments of leaping into an experience with complete faith, where I found a new me. I found treasure where I could not see it before. A new normal. I expanded. 

I've built a business from my new expansion. Of finding lost parts of me. Within me and within you, we are whole. We must trust our inner pull to leap into our next levels. 

Your soul is calling you to it. 

And as you show up, the universe responds in kind. Synchronicity becomes every so increasingly present. The universe lovingly guides you to push you into your higher purpose, your north star. If you ignore it, it may come back around stronger, but you lose the opportunity to expand in those moments. 

The universe is ever expanding. And as you are the universe, your soul calls you to ever expand. Shall you deny it? 

All those people before you, who you see living out higher versions of themselves in big ways, they were all right where you are. In these moments, they chose.



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Mastered your Spiritual Connection, Now What?


Mastered your Spiritual Connection, Now What?

There has been this beautiful understanding and new knowledge for me that is not commonly spoken about or understood in the spiritual community. There is much emphasis and energy behind learning the opening of the upper Chakras including psychic development and opening of the heart. Opening and learning your intuition and connection to spirit is one of the most important gifts you can gift yourself in your development of the soul. 

You are not alone and never have been. Knowing and learning how to connect in with the subtle energies of the spirit world is the cornerstone of your alignment. Spirit knows this. You know this on a soul level and will have many synchronicities that will gently nudge you to this truth. 

Whats equally important and not readily spoken about is what happens once you have opened, stimulated the higher Chakras and are upwardly mobile, spiritually speaking.

Our energy now can descend into the lower Chakras (opposite of the Kundalini) and this is quite meaningful and important. Those with open hearts, open third eyes and open crown Charkas can now move the energies down in to find form so that vitality can be reestablished. Grounding, earthing, dancing, connecting with nature, all part of what you'll be pulled to. This is the opportunity to bring those ideas within to the material world. To equally understand the importance of grounding, of being and honoring the lower Chakras as well as the body. Focus is now on the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus. Connect with Mother Gaia, unleash your sexuality and love yourself through its healing, find your inner peace and power within your Solar. 

Learning to connect with spirit can be so tantalizing that it's hard to live in the 3D reality and this is why descending energies teach you to integrate your whole being and to fall in love with life again and allow your readiness for the higher dimensions. This is the gift of descending power. This brings you to your mind, body and soul in perfect harmony.

You can learn more about healing the Chakras here: 

I'm always here for you, as a soul who is on this journey with you, with a purpose to help you understand yours.

Find your Joy!

Your spiritual guide,



Authenticity is the key to Joy


Authenticity is the key to Joy

What is authenticity? 

Authenticity is being genuine, true and honest with yourself. The Latin root of authenticity is "author." Self authorship is about writing your script according to you. It's about finding who you really are, learning what moves you, drives you and showing up in the world every day in your own way. What stops us all from being authentic?

We live in a society that tells us how to think, how to act, what beauty and love look like, what strength is. But what if none of it were really true? A true free and loving society should celebrate our authentic differences. In this way we could begin to embrace our uniqueness. We could actually enjoy it. 

We look outside of ourselves and seek what others do hoping that when we "mimic,"  we will feel comfortable in our skin. But do we?

Through a process of self discovery, you can begin to learn what moves you and who the inner you really is. You will feel more comfortable expressing who you are and what matters to you as you become aligned to your authenticity. Self discovery involves learning to meditate, going outside your comfort zone to test and experience life in new ways as well as making space for yourself to explore and reflect on who you really are. Learn to journal. Pay attention to your dreams for they are always communicating to you. 

The road to authenticity may not always be easy and may cause you pain. Relationships may change, friends may fade and those things that were once important to you no longer hold weight in your world. This is a natural progression during self discovery. Change is inevitable when you seek your true north. 

Beautifully, through this change you start attracting that which really aligns to you. You find people you truly relate to, people to assist you in your next levels of healing and joy. Your experiences reflect this. The joy of finding home is what you've been waiting for. 


This is a book the wildly helped shift my view of the universe:



My hope for you today: be still. find you. find your voice. 

There is no one like you and THAT is your authenticity!



Empaths and Energy Sensitives: Learn to clear your energetic field


Empaths and Energy Sensitives: Learn to clear your energetic field

You've heard of Sage, possibly even Palo Santo. But what is this for and is it really necessary?

Let's dig into why clearing your energy is so important.

There are a large sum of us on this planet who come in with a high attunement to energy. Certain astrological signs are known for this; hello Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer! It is even possible to develop your sensitivity to energy. This occurs as you awaken to your spiritual nature, attune yourself to higher levels/dimensions and raise your vibration. Part of the awakening process is learning and tuning into the subtle energetic fields around us and within us. We are a part of it all. 

Being sensitive to energy simply means you are able to pick up on another's energy output and even the collective energetic output. Understanding what energy is yours and what you are picking up is an art. Ask your higher self, is this mine? You will feel and know the answer. 

Whether the energy is ours, a fellow soul incarnates or even possibly a discarnate (for those of us that work with those souls whom have crossed over), we must gather and use tools in order to clear this and keep us free from that in which can cloud our mind and space. 

Sage (dried and bundled) is an age old tool to clear energy. It works by putting ions into the air and therefore clears that which does not serve us. Use throughout your home and around your physical body as needed. Set your intention for what you are clearing and allow it to work its magic.

Palo Santo is a bark from ancient trees grown in South America. It was used by the Incas and is still used by many Shamans today. Palo Santo purify's the air and clears energy. Just like Sage, Palo Santo is a wonderful tool for all your energy clearings. 

Further tools that are extremely effective in helping you clear: Epsom Salt baths, taking a dip in Mothers Earths Ocean and grounding your energy on Mothers lands. 

With all spiritual practices, your intentions for why you are creating and releasing is an important step in the process. 

No matter the tool, it is paramount that we learn to work with and clear our space in order to live our lives with clarity and joy.

Here is a great starter kit to begin your practice: 


What is QHHT and a brief look at my personal session


What is QHHT and a brief look at my personal session

Before I explain my experience with QHHT, let's dig into what QHHT is, as relayed by Dolores Cannon.

Dolores Cannon’s method of hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, involves inducing an individual into a state of trance through visualization. A state which under ordinary circumstances is experienced only twice daily: the moment just before you become consciously awake and the moment just before you fall asleep. She discovered any individual can gain access to experiences of Past Lives they have lived. It was also exploring with clients in this state that she discovered an infinitely knowledgeable and powerful aspect of each individual that can be contacted and communicated with.

Past Life Regression is the first component of Dolores’ QHHT technique and involves the individual being regressed and guided through an appropriate past life from the first scene they first view, throughout the various periods of the life and eventually through to the death scene.  The past life the Subconscious chooses to show an individual is always relevant to the current life the individual is living now and it is not uncommon for multiple Past Lives to be shown during a single session. 

The Subconscious knows everything there is to know about an individual and the life they are living now. Obtaining this information on behalf of the individual is crucial to the healing aspect of the technique as it provides them with comfort, support and greater understanding in many different areas of their life. The Subconscious will only choose to share information that is appropriate at the time and information that will only be of benefit to the individual.

The Subconscious has the ability to identify any physical problem it detects within the body and explain the causes for its presence, be it from the current life or a past life. The Subconscious is then asked if it is suitable for healing to occur, which, if it is, is done instantaneously with no medication, surgery or pain involved. Very often, simply understanding why a disease is present or why a particular emotion is being experienced is sufficient for it to be relieved and removed by the Subconscious. It must be stated that healing can only occur if an individual wants to be healed and if it does not interfere with the goals of their lifetime. 

As a newer practitioner, I must state that the very first hypnosis client blew me away. This work came very easy for me. I truly believe we are attracted to those healers that will bring out that within us that needs to be looked at and healed. In other words, we are drawn to the right people to aid us in our healing, whether the experience was painful or loving. 

When I received my first QHHT hypnosis induction myself, I didn't expect anything specific but what was to come, no one could have ever convinced me of. Here is my story:

It's a Sunday morning in Sedona, Arizona. My fellow practitioner arrives at my hotel room to get started on our day inducing each other. We start our interview process. This is the time that you as a client speaks to why you want your session and explains the high and low points in your life. This gives the practitioner a greater understanding of your life and therefore assists us in asking the appropriate questions during hypnosis. 

I am first to go into trance. As I was guided into my past lives (I went through two) I began to cry. It is important to note that when emotion shows up in session, it is a great indication you have hit something of great importance and therefore solidifies the truth in what is occurring. I went through two past lives, both of which were not incarnations on earth.  One of these lives I knew of, for I have experienced and been shown it before both in Past Life regression and in meditation. The first I was shown/experienced was one that spoke to my heart and soul. I was shown this very unique body as well as my position of importance on my planet. The second was very familiar to me and the feelings I have been encountering this last year of my life. 

After moving through these lives and discovering the purpose of both of those lives, my subconscious, or as I like to refer as the Higher Self, was brought forward. It spoke ever so eloquently about who I really was/am and the power I hold within. The light I forget I am at times. It spoke of how I have been assisting and creating for many lifetimes and have not embodied earth much. When asked about anxiety and the cause of it, my subconscious spoke of the misstep in energy created by my doubt. In order to avoid this feeling, I am to consciously work on my breath. It is in the breath in which our spirit recognizes it's existence.  

I'd like to share with you the purpose of incarnating into the family I chose as narrated by my higher self: "To fully embody love and teach others how to do it. She stepped into a family who she knew could not support the love from the outside and it was her choice to embody that great lesson so she can teach others to turn inward for love. No love comes from without, it only comes from within." 

My higher self confirmed why I choose the lessons I do. As I allow more energy to flow through, I embody the spiritual teachings I am giving out to the world. I am thankful for every hardship and painful experience I encounter. For I know I choose them or am completing a cycle of learning for purpose of this lifetime. I am thankful for the confirmations the higher self gives and the ability to access this. For many are awakening to their true divinity. Healings will continue to grow in numbers. Thanks be to the amazing Dolores Cannon, who has since passed on, for this body of work in which aids so many across the globe.

For we all are infinite beings always experiencing and expanding; finding our way back to love.

To close, I'll share some final words by the subconscious (higher self):

"We are with you always. You feel us and see us. Create something new on this world. We are here to help you. We will be with you, be free. "

Learn more about QHHT, as written by the late Dolores Cannon here: 


Fear is a lesson

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Fear is a lesson

It is what we fear that become our greatest lessons.

What is fear?

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. It is the emotion and belief that keeps you small. 

Why is this ever so uncomfortable emotion part of the human experience? Because it has purpose. It asks us to run straight into it and ascend through it. 

We live in a dualistic world. This serves us in learning and expanding. 

What would be the purpose of living a life if we didn't have to go through obstacles and learn how truly capable and expansive we are. Every time we decide to step into our power we have overcome the belief that we are anything less than infinity. We are each fractals of Source God experiencing finding our way back. We are bringing all knowledge back and expanding the universe in all ways, always. When fear arises, look it in the eyes, thank it for showing you where you need more, where you can be bigger. No one and no thing has control over you. 

Let go of the friends who may judge you. Give up the need to be loved from anyone else by staying small and not being true to who you really are. 

What lights you up? What thrills you? What do you love but think you are too small to ever experience, ever become?

That thing, go get it. Reach out and make plans with it. Tell the universe your plans. Stay with your love, stay with your desires. Your job is to make the plans. Trust in the universe and divine guidance while they create the form. 

When you stumble again and again, know you are remembering the teaching. It serves you each time you walk through it. 

On the other side is freedom.

Go get it.

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Who are we?


Who are we?

When we are born into this earth realm, we cross through a veil and forget everything we knew moments prior.  The reason for incarnating and our purpose for doing so quickly vanish. We spend our time relearning the human experience. Finding joy, pain, sorrow, happiness, gratitude and every other emotion that makes up the human field of emotions. We rely on our parents and society to show us the way, how to fit in and belong. We reach the moment where we ready to spread our wings, to lean in on ourselves and join society. We enter, work, live to see the weekends and for what purpose? 

We wake up. Somewhere along our path something or someone sets off a spark within us that awakens us to something more, something bigger. Wait, you mean our existence here isn't based upon working as hard as we can to plan for retirement? No, we are much more. We have purpose. We are purpose.

So what are we doing here? Who are we REALLY?

We are divinity. Literally. We are fractals of our divine source God. We are individual souls of light experiencing creation in all its forms. Pure energy. We learn through lessons and experiences. We are literally creators fine tuning our experiences to maximize our growth. Sometimes our lessons aren't fully integrated and we create the same experience over and over in one or more lifetimes on order to see this lesson. Our higher self and guide(s) are always working for our highest good. Yes, you have a higher oversoul and guides/angels that are with you 24/7 and never leave your side. You are never alone. It is time, if you have not already, to start quieting the mind. Make room to meet the inner you. Meditate. Sit in stillness. The truth of who you are is sitting within you. Make room to find her/him.

You, me, we. We are waking up by the thousands. 

We are thoroughly connected through this vital white energy that makes up every cell of our bodies. It makes up everything around us throughout the cosmos. We are always expanding. Not only does joy have purpose. So does pain. All experience has purpose. 

Know that YOU, yes YOU, are pure love and light. No one can remove that from you. Find your light within and you'll find JOY. 

One of my all time favorite most enlightening books about the souls journey can be found and purchased here: 

All my love to you on your journey.