Spiritual Channel. Soul Advisor.
Spiritual Evolution Coach

I am here to facilitate transformation for individuals who are ready to open their awareness to their fullest expression

As a medium and clear conduit for spirit, I see into your soul and your higher self. You are here for your spiritual progress and evolution. To grow through lessons and integrate them which allows you to hold more light as a result. This is spiritual ascension.



As a facilitator of your work, I am the mirror to your experiences allowing and showing aspects/patterns you couldn’t see before. I look through the ethers and into subconscious blocks and patterns as well as where they were created. This allows you to now consciously choose to forgive and heal from these old stories that no longer serve you.

Praise for Summer: What other clients are saying

Summer mentioned things that only I could know, very personal things. The reading was something I so needed in my life as I miss mom so very much, but this reading brought me such comfort knowing mom was around me everyday and with me.  I absolutely recommend Summer if you are looking to connect with someone in your life that has passed. She is amazing.

- Jennifer Gonzalez

Summer is a true spiritual guide with amazing intuition. Every reading I’ve had from her has been 100% accurate, helpful and even therapeutic. She is so incredibly gifted and helpful. Thank you, Summer for all your wonderful guidance! I’ll be going to her for these sort of services as a loyal client.

- Ashley Wallace, Founder/Branding Boss at The Gypsy Vault LLC

Summer helped me connect to a spiritual level I didn't know existed. She introduced me to my brother I never got to meet. I felt a sense of peace and knowing that the path I'm on is the right one. I am no longer afraid of the unknown because I know my spirit will never fade. I am so blessed to have found such an amazing soul. Summer is so intuitively connected to the spirit world and can truly help you down a path of healing if that's what you're looking for. Her spirit shines bright and your life will be forever transformed after meeting her. 

- Rosemary Oihus, Reiki Master & Co-creator of Rising She Tribe

I have no doubt that I was divinely guided to Summer Garner at just the right time, and for a purpose that after a year of working together- is still beautifully unfolding. 

When I first discovered Summer online, her compassion for others, passion for her work, and out-of-this-world (literally) wisdom had me so intrigued I knew I needed to sign up for a mediumship reading.

My first reading with Summer was the most inspiring, loving, and incredible experience. I was blown away by her accuracy, guidance and insightful messages. It was exactly the confirmation I needed to know that my loved ones and guides are ALWAYS by my side. 

Since then, I really started to experience my own spiritual awakening and signed up for a Soul Reading. This reading revealed so many hidden blocks, areas of my life that needed attention and healing, and provided hope that I could overcome the challenges I was facing. Summer was able to pinpoint specific relationships that needed forgiveness, chakras that needed healing, karma from past lives and so much more. Not only does Summer bring awareness to what you need to know, she gives you a strategy, an action plan, suggested books, resources, tools, affirmations from spirit and other guidance to help you move forward long after the reading ends. 

Summer Garner is one of those people you just can't get enough of. You're in awe when you listen to her speak, you want to consume everything and anything she puts out there, and (especially after working with her once) you'll do anything to keep learning from her. 

To say that Summer's work is life-changing would be an understatement. The value she provides in an hour of time is unlike anything else I've ever seen or experienced. Her gifts and wisdom span many lifetimes and it is an absolute honor to work with her. Find a way to work with Summer. I promise it will be the best investment you've ever made. 

Kirsten Byron - Brand Strategist and Digital Marketing Manager

Summer read me and I must say she was just amazing and absolutely spot on and such a lovely lady! I sincerely hope with all my heart that you will have all the health and strength to carry on your wonderful work to help guide/comfort many more people. I am going to carry your words with me today, for a very long time.

- Samantha Johnson

Summer is such a sweet soul. She had given me a mediumship reading and it was so special. She has such a calming energy about her. She was able to bring through a few of my family members and not only did she describe their personalities, she also was able to bring through evidence to know it was truly my loved ones. She has such a beautiful passion and it shows in her readings.

- Kelly Ann Ferro, Medium

My first soul session with Summer was wonderful! I went into the session extremely open and was pleasantly surprised at the helpful information that came through her reading. She's so AMAZING at picking up accurate details with her gift of mediumship and connecting to spirit. 

What I LOVED the most was her specific guidance with helpful tips in how I can expand and step into my authentic soul and LET GO of all fears or attachments around starting my spiritual coaching practice. As another healer and intuitive, it is important for me to feel safe and know that I can 100% trust the other practitioner. That Summer did and more...she made me feel completely safe and unconditionally loved.


In less than a week after her reading, I was able to confidently launch my coaching business to the world! There was an obvious shift inside me. 

Thank you Summer for your reading and light you share! I am so grateful for this sacred time together. If your wanting to experience a true, authentic reading, you have to try Summer! She's the deal real.

-Tina Ghahramani-Singh, Spiritual Intuitive, Life Coach, Esoteric Acupuncturist

For most of my life I have been searching, I can remember back in my early 20s, feeling like my life was missing something. I would get a under lying anxiety deep in my core. Not understanding it I would try to fill it with alcohol,  men, being in shape, having money, buying the house, and having my children thinking one day I would finally be happy and fulfilled. I would attain most of what I wanted because there was always a hard drive in myself to prove I was worthy of having happiness. As I got into my 40s my nervousness turned into an obsession where I could not sit still, I felt like a RAT always busy. I could not shut off my mind, I had achieved all  I thought was going to make me happy and nothing worked. I began to get angry. That’s when it all fell apart. I lost everything ( except kids) I was in a car accident not horrible but enough to break what was left of my spirit. I hit rock bottom. My health was not good, I could no longer do my Job in Physical therapy, my boyfriend left me, My ex took me back to court,  my house flooded all in 6 weeks. Also I had to refinance my home to afford to be out of work for the 11 months it took me to heal from the surgery. Not to mention the horrible pain pill issue I had to deal with now. (Western Medicine way of solving everyone’s problems.)

 I hit rock Bottom.

          That’s when Beautiful Summer came into my life. I love the way The Universe works the way we met was through a mutual friend. I had been asking for  help and HELP was finally here.  I have been working with summer about 8 months now. I had my first one on one with Summer, last August and I knew she was the real deal. Summer gave me some beautiful words of wisdom and direction from my guides. She spent so much time with me I could tell she was real passionate about her work. I listened to her direction and my life was starting to shift, I wanted more though.  I was unsure how to further my learning in working with spirt and to continue to heal myself.  Summer was then offering an Intensive.  I  enrolled in her Intensive for further education and souls enrichment. My direction as a Physical Therapy Assistant would now include holistic healing work and energy work. Summer taught me so much. I now can tap into my spirit guides and work with spirt, read auras. My Clairs are also  developing.  In just her 6 week class I feel I have fast forward  months of learning. I’m so excited I have met Summer and she is in my life. I plan to work with her more long term. I no longer feel anxious and for the first time I AM Happy with my life , this is what my SOUL was yearning for all along. I’m very thankful to have Summer as a spiritual teacher .     

"Seana, I know why you’re here. I can see the mass on your left had side right by your uterus." She smiled and said, “it’s going to be okay, you’re here for a reason, lets work through this together, I have so much to tell you…”

Thinking in my mind, there is absolutely no way she could have known what was happening. Yet….she knew. This is her gift. From there our call spiraled into the messages she was getting from Spirit, taking in-depth body scans and pouring her messages into me. Ounce by ounce filling my scared and worried heart. 

Pealing back a fresh page in my journal, at the top of my page she said, “Write down Healing Journey” I quickly wrote down all of my healing protocol as it came flowing to her; heart opening mediations, writing letters from my childhood wounds, asking my tumor to reveal it’s energy and why it was growing, taking turmeric for inflammation, CBD (hemp oil), organic purple grapes…on and on the pages filled....

The root of the tumor manifestation became incredibly clear; suppressed anger from childhood. I hadn’t released the trauma, only a bit but not fully and from that, it grew and grew begging for my attention as it no longer wanted to be in my body.

For the next 4 weeks leading up to my surgery, Summer was there checking in. Asking how the healing process was going. In honesty, there were days where writing letters was utterly frustrating and full of rage which I would take out in kundalini mediation. Other days I would cry, crack open and imagine ripping the energy from it’s core out of my uterus. Fire would engulf my being and quickly blow out with winds of change and awakening. Refresh, rejuvenation and FREEDOM from this anger.

Everything was changing, waking up and releasing. It was time. 

I am a new woman after my healing work and Soul Reading with Summer.

She is a true gift to humanity. It’s so hard to find the words of how accurate she is, how she’s able to guide you to a state of healing and new way of thinking when it comes to source, spirit and love. You may not be crying out for help prior to a surgery but what I can tell you is that everyone is on their own healing journey. Holding onto stories and energy of ours pasts that are limiting us in our day to day lives. Like myself, I was unable to identify exactly what IT was but now knowing the true source, I am free. I am awake. I have arrived.

- Seana Ann, Divine Feminine Ignitor & Co-creator of Rising She Tribe

I had a reading with Summer and it was amazing. I've had a lot of guilt since losing someone close to me and Summer was able to bring them forward to let me know it's NOT my burden to carry. I appreciate the fact that you can ask questions and she will bring forth validating information. If she is unclear on something she asks for clarification, so you don't walk away confused. She not only connected with two of my loved ones, she also connected with my guides to give advice on moving forward and honoring my grief, and also pulled a card that was spot on relating to where I am in my life now. I highly recommend her if you need help healing or just want some insight. I will be contacting her again when I need help or clarity. She's an amazing soul who truly does care about helping.

- Kristi Lee Garcia-Webb

I had a session with Summer and it was truly eye opening. She connected with my guides and provided insight into various aspects of my life (career, relationships, relocation) as well advice on healing and loving myself. She also channeled my grandparents and it was just so amazing to hear messages from them as well as ask them questions. Summer is truly gifted, professional and knowledgeable. Can't say enough about the session.

- Chris Hwa

My call with Summer was life changing, the healing that took place and the clarity that came from our connection was so valuable. She brought light and held this beautiful space for me, I get teary eyed thinking about it. Being able to connect to my parents after losing them was so surreal, but so powerful... words cannot even describe my experience. Thank you Summer for sharing your gift, it's allowed healing, personal growth and expansion.

- Sara Robinson, Intuitive Healer & Co-creator of Rising She Tribe 

I wanted to take a minute to share a beautiful experience that I had with Summer. She truly is a gifted woman and was able to relay beautiful messages from my spirit guides, including my beloved mother. Summer was so kind, patient and compassionate throughout the session. She made me feel at ease with any concerns that I had. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for some clarity and guidance in their life.

- Tina Jheeta, Intuitive Life Coach

I had the pleasure of receiving my first soul reading from Summer last year. It blew my mind! She was able to reveal so much information that truly helped put me in alignment with my soul's purpose. I knew at that point if she ever had a class on expanding my spiritual gifts I would sign-up immediately - no matter the cost. As time went on a hit a bit of a wall in my spiritual growth - I needed more guidance. I kept searching for a teacher that would be a good fit for me, but I couldn't quite find the course I needed or that felt right. When Summer announced, she was launching a course - I was beyond excited.

 I knew this was spirit helping me on my path. I signed up, and it was everything I could have wanted and more. Summer is so attentive to her students. Her connection with source allows her to fine-tune her teaching to precisely what the group needs at any given moment. Her playful teaching style made learning fun and easy to remember. My gifts expanded tremendously in a short amount of time, and I'm able to use them in everyday life and in my energy healing practice. As women, our time has come to dive into our gifts and help others to awaken. I'm so blessed and will forever be thankful for all I've learned from Summer. 

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